Music News: Katy working with Dr. Luke on new album

Music News: Katy Perry working with Dr. Luke

I TOLD YA’LL.  Despite rumors in November 2011 that Dr. Luke would no longer be able to work with Katy Perry after inking a new deal with Sony, frequent Luke & Perry collaborator (and all around pop music genius) Bonnie McKee let this slip during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her own upcoming album:

“Max Martin, Dr. Luke & I are going to get together in the next few weeks and get some songs going.  And also Katy Perry’s record is coming up too so we’re probably going to be working on that as well.”

I KNEW IT!!!  The MELTdowns that were occurring on the internet in late 2011!  The spiteful little monsters who were CELEbrating!  The Katy fans who were SOBbing!  It was all for naught!  Say what you want about my little yoda look-a-like Lukasz, he and Katy make beautiful music together.  Let this be a lesson to us all – love finds a way!

Katy’s official Facebook page (and Twitter) tell us that she is “Back to werk” – has the studio magic already begun?  Let us pray.

“Katy Perry morphs,” © 2012 ~incredibleB, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License


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