Music News: Jessica Sanchez’s lead single hits the net

Music News: Jessica Sanchez's new single hits the net

Clean out your ears and put on your headphones – American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez’s lead single has leaked in horrible quality!  For reasons unexplained, Interscope uploaded the track to their official Soundcloud on Tuesday last week, only to take it down a few hours later.  But thankfully, some clever internet-er was able to record the song with an antique microphone from the 1880s and put it on YouTube!

The song, a duet with songwriter extraordinaire Ne-Yo, finds the pair singing about forgetting the troubles of the day and flying to another planet!  A party planet, “where there ain’t no drama and the party’s never-ending!”  Those are real lyrics, but it’s actually not terrible at all – it’s kind of great.  Like most Ne-Yo features, I find myself wondering…why?  But his presence is inoffensive enough and Jessica is the one who really shines on the song’s sing-a-long chorus.  I didn’t watch American Idol last season, so I can’t really speak to the believability of Jessica singing lines like, “We’re on planet where the dudes got money and they’re not afraid to spend it,” so I’m just going to let it slide.  The upbeat track straddles the line between dance and more traditional pop, which is a smart move as the dance-pop sound slowly loses its stranglehold on the charts.

I worry that the song might not be unique enough for Jessica to establish herself on radio, but hopefully Ne-Yo’s name will help out.  Jessica & Ne-Yo shot the video in LA at the beginning of March, so hopefully the track will be getting an official release soon.  Until then, turn up your hearing aid and enjoy!

(EDIT: Since writing this post, the song has been removed from YouTube, but it’s still out there if you’re good at looking.)

“Jessica Sanchez by AAJ,” © 2012 Aajim, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License


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