Music News: Selena Gomez announces lead single

Selena Gomez announces new music

During an interview with HitFix for her upcoming film, “Spring Breakers” (aka the movie where James Franco has cornrows and a grill), Selena Gomez finally revealed the name of her new single…“Come and Get It.”

Selenerr cited Skrillex, “Spring Breakers,” and Britney Spears as influences on her new album which she described as “very pop-electro.”  Apparently, “Come and Get It” will be a good indication of the overall sound of the album to come.

Now pop-electro sounds good to me, but I’m afraid Selena might be a little late to the party.  There are only three dance songs inside the U.S. iTunes top ten at the moment, but if Selena can bring another tune as catchy and fun as “Naturally” or “Love You Like a Love Song,” she might be able to pull off another top 30 finish on the Hot 100 chart.  We’ll have to wait and see.

“Come and Get It” is due for release in April.

Selena Gomez and Dog,” © 2012 ~Photos331, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License


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