Music News: Glee covers Marina and the Diamonds!

Marina and the Diamonds' "How to be a Heartbreaker" streaming free

And it would be a real dream come true if Glee were still relevant.

Remember how on a Tuesday night Glee used to DEMOLISH the iTunes charts?  How around 9:00pm, every single Glee cover would just skyrocket into the iTunes top 10, usually dragging the corresponding original songs along for the ride (at least part of the way)?  Hell, Glee helped bring fun.’s “We Are Young” and Cee Lo’s “F*** You” into the public consciousness.  Wouldn’t it be swell if Marina could enjoy the same fate?

Sure, but sadly, Glee is barely hanging on by a confused, racist thread.  If you’re a Marina fan, you know that the buxom Greek goddess from the UK wants nothing more than a little stateside success.  She even thought up this whole archetype/alternate personality motif for her latest studio album “Electra Heart” in order to work with more commercial producers without looking like total a sell out.  Alas, it didn’t bring her any closer to realizing her dream, but if Glee can still give any song the push it needs, I hope that it’s Marina’s “How to Be a Heartbreaker.”

HTBAH (as it’s more commonly known) is a simple guitar driven ditty produced by pop music juggernauts Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, and Cirkut.  It was included on the American release of “Electra Heart” for the sole purpose of catching the attention of top 40 radio.  The song is great – my favorite from “Electra Heart” – but Marina is effing weird and her label doesn’t seem to understand that weird needs more than just slick production…it needs promotion.  And probably less weird.

Glee’s rendition of “How to Be a Heartbreaker” will air on Thursday night on FOX.  I was going to embed their cover here, but let’s not waste anyone’s time.  I didn’t listen to it and Marina needs your coins more than they do.  So watch the music video, download the song on iTunes, and then cross your fingers that this Glee spot can at least turn the song into a moderate hit.  Marina needs a win.

Download “How to Be a Heartbreaker” on iTunes


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