New Music: “Feel This Moment”…for 30 seconds

America knows EXACTLY how much Christina Aguilera it wants, and the answer is 30 seconds.  Following her 30 second guest spot on Maroon 5’s #1 song “Moves Like Jagger,” Xtuna has attached herself to another radio hit: Pitbull’s terribleawesome, “Feel This Moment” – but only for about 30 seconds at a time on the hook.

It used to baffle me: why was Christina’s last studio album “Lotus” such a miserable failure when The Voice starring Christina Aguilera is such a smash hit??  Are people that nuts for Blake Shelton?  Americans are welcoming Christina into their homes two nights a week and still paying her music DUST.  And then it dawned on me – between the other judges, the contestants, and Carson Daly’s forehead, there’s no way Xtina is getting more than 30 seconds of screen time each episode…the optimal amount!  Suddenly it all made sense.

In all seriousness, it kills me that the funky pop brilliance of Christina’s “Your Body” was lost on the public.  It kills me that Christina, who has an incredible voice, has been relegated to hook girl on a disposable Pitbull song that owes any appeal it has to A-ha.  But it really does seem like America has spoken, and they’re just not that into Christina’s music anymore.  30 seconds is about all people can take.

Feel This Moment” currently sits at #13 on the Hot 100 chart and is growing steadily on radio.


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