New Music: Linda Pritchard – “Be Like You”

Linda Pritchard's "Be Like You" streaming free

“Be Like You” embodies everything I love about Swedish pop: it’s big, it’s loud, it’s emotional – it holds nothing back.  It’s actually very reminiscent of Laura Fabian’s legendary power ballad, “I Will Love Again.”  I love a good chorus I can shout along to.

Linda Pritchard is a Swedish Idol and Melodifestivalen alum (the music competition that determines Sweden’s annual Eurovision entry).  “Be Like You” is her first release in two years.  It’s unknown whether “Be Like You” is from an upcoming studio album or if it’s just a one-off single release, but she’s definitely piqued my interest!

Stream new song “Be Like You” here

Gaygalan 2011 Linda Pritchard,” © 2011 Janwikifoto, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


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