Music News: Beyawnka finally gets off her duff


Stop the presses: it looks like Bey is FINALLY going to have some new music to go along with that overblown world tour of hers.  Today, CapitalFM announced that Beyonce will be premiering a brand new song tomorrow morning at 9am EST (4/4, get it?).  The message was accompanied by the above blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teaser vid which features that damn Sasha Fierce glove and a tiny bit of an instrumental.

Oh and did you catch that beatboxing in the background?  Guess whose crusty ass decided to show up to the party?  TIMBALAND.  This is great, just great.  I give Bey a lot of s—, but I am looking forward to her comeback and I do not want to see her serve up another “Run the World” sized clunker.  Unfortunately, Timbaland’s involvement doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Reportedly, the Timbaland produced track is called “Grown Woman.”  Check out the rumored lyrics after the jump.

I remember being young and talking back
I knew what I needed
I was spending all my nights and days laid back day dreaming
But baby I’ma big girl now, so come do something
Told the world I would paint this town
But now bitches I run this

Cause I put it down like that down like that
and I’m making all these racks all these racks
And I’m moving round like that round like that
And I do it
And don’t look back don’t look back

I’m a grown woman
Do whatever I want
I’m a grown woman
Do whatever I want

I can be bad if I want
I wanna be grown if I want
I wanna live fast if I want

I’m a grown woman
Do whatever I want

They love the way I walk
Cause I walk with a vengeance
And they listen to me when I talk cause I ain’t pretending
Took a while, now I understand just where I’m going
Now I’m growing into who I am
Bout time I show it

They’re not bad, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard from Bey before.  I could see the lyrics being legit, but as always, take it all with a grain of salt.  As you probably know, people will go to great lengths to fake this sort of thing on the Internet.

So new Bey is finally coming.  My rage at her covering Amy’s ICONIC “Back to Black” for the new “The Great Gatsby” movie is slowly subsiding while my rage at Timbaland’s fat NECK is slowly rising.  My feelings are complicated.  All I can say is that this new song better BOP.


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