New Music: Selena Gomez – “Come & Get It”

Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It" streaming free

People are going to start to think this is a Selena Gomez fan blog.

The lead single from the Disney princess’s new album leaked yesterday afternoon, just a couple days shy of its scheduled On Air with Ryan Seacrest premiere.  Luckily, Hollywood Records moved quickly and put the song up for purchase on iTunes almost immediately.  It was good damage control, but NOTHING could stop the 11-year old Justin Bieber stans of the world from spreading download links on Twitter like it was their JOB.  Illegal downloads: the SWEETEST revenge!

As I mentioned before, “Come & Get It” is a Stargate & Ester Dean collaboration, and it ticks all of their trademark boxes: hook after hook after hook? Check.  Pop urban production? Check. “Na na na’s” in the chorus?  Double check.  Unfortunately, Selena just doesn’t have the swagger required to pull off Ester’s sexually-charged lyrics, but she gives it a go.  The chorus will easily get stuck in your head, but the tempo feels a little lethargic for a track about daring someone to “come and get it.”

No title or release date for Selena’s new album yet, but “Come & Get It” is available for download on iTunes now.  Check out the track below!


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