New Music: The Cataracs feat. Luciana – “Big Dipper”

The Cataracs' "Big Dipper" free download

English singer Luciana Caporaso always sounds like she is one second away from losing her mind, spilling her drink, and causing a scene – I think that’s why she’s the go-to hook girl for these crazy electro songs.  It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the line is (“Loosen that zipper-zipper, show me that big dipper!”), Luciana will yell it with party girl CONVICTION.  And it’s infectious!  Add to that some killer production and a couple of surprisingly entertaining verses from Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar (the sole remaining member of The Cataracs after the duo parted ways last August), and you’ve got a hot club track!

“Big Dipper” will be included on The Cataracs’s new album, due for release later this year.  The track is available for free download via Soundcloud below.  Check it out!


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