Music News: Ciara surprises with new album title

Music News: Ciara surprises with new album title

In May of 2012, Ciara told MTV News that she was “almost finished” with her fifth studio album titled, “One Woman Army.”  By “almost finished,” she really meant that the project would be delayed countless times while she continued to release single after single with seemingly no end in sight.  Though the release date and singles constantly changed, one thing always remained the same – the title, “One Woman Army.”  In fact, at what turned out to be a very premature listening party for the album, a song called, “One Woman Army,” penned by writer Ali Tamposi (Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”), was said to be a dance pop SMASH!  Well, it’s been a long road, but it looks like we may FINALLY have a real album with a real release date.  The catch?  It’s no longer called, “One Woman Army” and the song of the same name didn’t even make the final cut.  Oops.

Let me backtrack a little bit: over the past few days, Ciara’s been slowly revealing the track list for her upcoming album via instagram, and today, some vigilant members of the Ci-Squad discovered that the album is actually already up for pre-order on U.K. iTunes!  As you can see from the stunning cover above, the album’s been retitled simply, “Ciara.”  Cici confirmed the final track list by posting the image below:

Music News: Ciara surprises with new album title

Obviously, this project has been riddled with problems from the start.  Ciara released three mediocre songs (“Sweat,” “Sorry,” and “Got Me Good” – all conveniently missing from the track list) before finally getting it right with current Mike WiLL produced single, “Body Party.”  The “One Woman Army” era just had too much “baggage” – best to kick it to the curb and start (mostly) fresh.  Of the 10 songs to make the final cut, we’ve only already heard 3 and 1/2 of them, and I am SO PUMPED she decided to include POP masterpiece “Overdose”!  Check out the snippet below – it’s the best Ci’s sounded since…ever.  I’m actually kind of excited for this album now!  Good on you, Ci.

“Ciara” is now available for pre-order on U.S. iTunes as well.  Barring any unforeseen push backs, it will be released on July 9th.


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