New Music: Jason Derulo – “The Other Side”

Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" streaming free

I just love Jason Derulo.  There is something about him that is so real and genuine.  Watch this interview he did with Ryan Seacrest this morning and just TRY not to love him, I dare you!  It’s impossible.  Honestly, last year’s cheesy inspirational anthem “Undefeated,” which was written with the help of American Idol viewers (bleh), was legitimately one of my favorite songs of last summer.  His voice really isn’t anything special and he’s one of those guys who think that they can dance like Michael Jackson when in reality they just look like they’re doing 100 different variations of the robot, but I don’t care!  I really like him.

So Jason stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to premiere his new single, “The Other Side.”  Produced by Dr. Luke and Ammo (the same pair that brought us Katy Perry’s smash hit “E.T.”), “The Other Side” is an energetic dance pop track about falling in love with your best friend, and it’s got a lot of heart. “And I know we ain’t friends any more, if we walk down this road, we’ll be lovers for sure, so tonight kiss me like it’s do or die, and take me to the other side,” Jason sings on the track’s explosive chorus.  From there, the song’s all “whoooa oh whoooa oh whoa” chants and perfectly auto-tuned runs, and it just makes you want to jump up and rave.  Coming from anyone else, I might not buy it, but because it’s Jason and I know the song’s about his real life romance with former American Idol Jordin Sparks, it works.

“The Other Side” is lifted from Jason’s upcoming 3rd studio album, expected to be released some time this September.  Check out a preview of track below and if you like what you hear, download it on iTunes!


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