New Music: Betty Who – “The Movement” EP

Betty Who's "The Movement" EP streaming free

Are you sick of everything on the radio right now?  Are you ready to punch “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “Thrift Shop” in the face?  Do you want to listen to some sparkly, 80’s inspired dance pop that won’t make you lose your indie street cred?  You’re in luck!  The amazingly talented (and unsigned) Betty Who just released her new EP, “The Movement,” and it’s available for free download!  Things really couldn’t get any better.

Let me give you a quick rundown on Betty Who: Billboard reports that Betty is originally from Australia, but she came to the U.S. in high school to study classical cello at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan.  Betty quickly learned that classical music wasn’t really her thing and ditched the cello in favor of writing catchy pop songs about love.  She soon met up with up-and-coming producer Peter Thomas (represented by Pulse Recordings, the same group that represents Bonnie McKee, Oligee, Josh Abraham, and Dallas Austin), and the two began making wonderful, neon bright pop music together.

The lead single from Betty’s “The Movement” EP is the brilliant “Somebody Loves You,” a joyous pop song Who wrote to honor the late Whitney Houston (whose influence on the song is evident).  The other three songs on the EP all explore the exciting, uncertain, and sometimes frustrating feelings that can accompany falling in love.  “You’re In Love” finds Betty urging a crush to muster up the courage to share his feelings, while “Right Here” muses on the simple power of laying in bed next to someone.  “High Society,” my second favorite song on the EP after “Somebody Loves You,” compares being in love with living the extravagant life style of the rich and famous.

As I stated above, Betty Who is currently unsigned, but she doesn’t see that as a bad thing.  In the aforementioned interview with Billboard, Who states that she believes the music industry is changing, and cites sensation Macklemore as an example of an unsigned artist who is currently enjoying incredible success.  Who has been approached by record labels, but for the moment, she prefers the freedom of making music “on her own terms.”  So what’s next?  Betty’s hoping to organize a summer tour while she continues to write new songs with Peter Thomas.  I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with!

Stream Betty’s “The Movement” EP via Soundcloud below.  To download, simply click the “Download” button next to each song in the Soundcloud player.  If you’d like to know what Betty’s up to, consider joining her mailing list by visiting her official site!  (I guess she’s calling her fans the “Who Crew,” which is kind of cute.)


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