Music News: Bonnie McKee debuts amazing new music

Bonnie McKee surprised the crowd at LA’s The Hotel Cafe this week by premiering some new music, and it’s f—ing  awesome.  No seriously, it’s amazing.  The song, which may or may not be her new single and may or may not be titled “American Girl,” is an infectious, piano-driven uptempo that combines Bonnie’s signature singer-songwriter style with the pure pop hooks that have made her famous.  I’m so excited I could puke.  Everything about this performance is perfect, including the banshee shriek Bonnie lets loose near the end of the song.  In less than four minutes, she effortlessly makes every other girl in the game look like a dumpy, no-talent donkey.  And as if that weren’t enough, she also treated the crowd to a medley of her chart-topping hits, which, naturally, she totally slayed.

Still no sign of a song called “Sleepwalker” which Bonnie teased back in January, but she recently tweeted that she was in the studio putting the last minute finishing touches on her first single, so let’s hope new music is coming soon.  And not pop star soon, actual soon.  Because I need it.  And I can’t shake this feeling that Bonnie is about to become the next big thing.


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