Music News: Bonnie McKee confirms new single “American Girl”


Bonnie McKee was trying to be all cute and mysterious about her upcoming lead single, promising to drop “clues” about the song via her Twitter.  But what she failed to realize is that her live performance of the track already made its way online 2 weeks ago.  And then Dr. Luke blew her cover completely by tweeting his congratulations to Bonnie for “making ‘American Girl’ such an amazing song !!!!”

So “American Girl,” the song which Bonnie performed live at The Hotel Cafe, is indeed the lead single from her still untitled second studio album.  And that’s fantastic news.  It seems that despite her blown cover, Bonnie’s still going forward with the clue game (so far she’s posted pictures of a 7/11 sign, a slurpee, and a vending machine), but she’s yet to give us a release date.  In the above interview at the BMI Awards (she won 3!), Bonnie confirms that the single is coming in June, so hopefully it won’t be long now!


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