New Music: Ne-Yo – “Keep Talking”


Every so often, an unfinished demo leaks online that just knocks you on your butt with its total perfection. The recent leak of Ne-Yo’s, “Keep Talking” is one of those times.  Yes, it’s a juvenile, “F— YOU!” anthem to the “haters,” and we’ve certainly heard enough of those to last a lifetime, but this one’s actually quite clever and quotable.  I mean, check out this pre-chorus: “How ’bout this? I’mma kiss who I wanna kiss, I’mma dance how I wanna dance, smoke my weed, love my man, do my shows and wear my clothes, talk about sex and do it often, ’til I’m dead and in my coffin, I’mma keep livin’ so they keep on keep on…”  It sounds like the mantra of one of those out of control teenage girls on the Jenny Jones show before it’s revealed that she’s been brought there under false pretenses and a screaming army sergeant explodes from backstage to drag her ass to bootcamp for the next 2 weeks.  Amazing.

And then there’s the matter of the “I Love It” sample – it’s too soon.  This song couldn’t exist on the radio right now, and I have a feeling Ne-Yo was probably just messing around in the studio with this one.  Still, it’s a cute little bop to add to your iTunes library.  Who knows, it might end up on some pop tart’s album in a couple years.

Ne-Yo_in_the_studio,” © 2011 JeffDam, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license


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