New Music: Little Daylight – “Glitter and Gold”


It’s summer time and I want to listen to music that makes me feel like I’m sitting on top of a Ferris wheel, eating a hot dog and waving an American flag!  And also eating a funnel cake!  And holding a sparkler!!

In that spirit, I give you Brooklyn pop trio Little Daylight.  Made up of friends Nikki, Matt, and Eric, Little Daylight got their start remixing tracks for the likes of Passion Pit and St. Lucia, but they’ve recently begun crafting their own original songs.  New release “Glitter and Gold” sounds like a John Hughes movie – an explosion of 80s synths, pounding drums, and spunky lyrics about taking on the world.  “You fly like a meteor, burn bright through the universe, ’cause you’re glitter and gold, you just gotta let go, ” Nikki sings on the song’s infectious chorus.  A fine summer reminder for us all.

Little Daylight’s debut EP, “Tunnel Vision,” is due out on August 8th.  Stream “Glitter and Gold” below and be sure to check out some of Little Daylight’s other awesome songs (like “Overdose“) via their official Soundcloud!


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