New Music: Natalia Kills – “Saturday Night”


I’ve always been a little skeptical of Natalia Kills.  I saw her open for Katy Perry in 2011, and while she’s clearly very talented, her “dark” image has always seemed a little contrived to me.  Case in point, the video for promo single “Controversy,” which features Natalia dressed in all black, staring blankly into the camera while “creepy” images of Barbie dolls and Ronald McDonald flash across the screen at a seizure-inducing pace.  But Natalia’s most recent musical offering, the autobiographical “Saturday Night,” is a different story altogether.

Against a backdrop of electro synths and thundering drums, Natalia opens up about growing up in an abusive home, and somehow manages to make lines like, “The tears I cry all taste of blame,” and, “I’m a f—ing teenage tragedy,” sound completely authentic.  Produced by Jeff Bhasker (fun., Kanye West), the moody “Saturday Night” succeeds where Natalia’s other work has failed thanks to her raw, honest delivery.  Oh, and the chorus.  Despite its serious subject matter, “Saturday Night” still packs a big, sing-a-long chorus that’s likely to get stuck in your head even after just one listen.  Behind the bad girl facade and severe bangs, Natalia’s proven that she’s got a heart.

Check out “Saturday Night” via Idolator.  The song, which serves as the second single from Natalia’s forthcoming album “Trouble,” hits iTunes on July 2nd.  Let me know what you think in the comments!


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