Music News: Katy Perry announces new album “Prism”


It’s official.  We will be blessed with Katy Perry’s third studio album “Prism” on October 22nd.  The one and only QUEEN of Pop and STAR of the prestigious Smurfs franchise made the announcement this afternoon by ordering a giant gold semi to drive around L.A. with the title and release date plastered on the side in big block letters.  According to Katy, L.A. is just the truck’s first stop.

To be honest, I’m not really sure how I feel about the title yet – there’s too much excitement coursing through my veins to tell.  Now, we wait for the lead single announcement.  It can’t be far behind now…


Music News: Beyonce scraps new album?

Did Beyonce scrap her highly-anticipated 5th studio album?  The Hollywood Reporter seems to think so.  According to an article published recently by THR, Beyonce auditioned over 50 songs for her next studio album, but has decided to dump them all and start over from scratch. Continue reading

New Music: Icona Pop – “All Night”


I get the feeling that Icona Pop’s label wasn’t exactly sure how to follow-up the duo’s surprise hit, “I Love It.”  At the beginning of June, the pair quietly released the Stargate produced “Girlfriend” as the lead single from their forthcoming official debut album, “This Is…Icona Pop,” which was a cute but lackluster effort at best.  Then, last week, they were scheduled to release a song called “Just Another Night,” but at the last minute the release was pushed back and the song was changed to “All Night.”  The pre-order for “This Is…Icona Pop,” which is scheduled to be released on September 24th, has mysteriously been pushed back as well. Continue reading

Review: Selena Gomez – “Stars Dance”


Selena Gomez’s first solo studio album (well, technically – that Selena Gomez & “the Scene” thing was really more of a gimmick) “Stars Dance” is a surprisingly diverse, totally enjoyable dance pop album.  The production is fresh, the hooks are tight, and Selena’s voice is…well, passable. Continue reading

New Music: Avril Lavigne – “Rock N Roll”


So I thought that Avril’s last single “Here’s to Never Growing Up” was going to be huge this summer.  I was wrong.  The song just barely squeaked into the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and slowly fizzled out without making much of an impact.  Bummer. Continue reading

New Music: One Direction – “Best Song Ever”


One Direction’s got a brand new track out called “Best Song Ever” to promote their upcoming 3D concert movie, “This is Us.”  The beginning kind of sounds like “Baba O’Riley,” but then you’re like, “WAIT, this isn’t The Who, this is another extremely catchy One Direction song, isn’t it?”  Yes, yes, it is – complete with a chorus of “oh, oh, oh’s” and “yeah, yeah, yeah’s.”  Oh, and there’s a fairly remarkable bit in the second verse about a girl’s dad being a dentist and having a dirty mouth.  Listen for it, you’ll see what I mean.

Co-written by singer-songwriter Ed Drewett (The Wanted’s “Glad You Came”), “Best Song Ever” is probably the best single One Direction’s released since “What Makes You Beautiful.”  It has a lot of personality.  I don’t know that it’ll do much on the radio in the UK or in the States – it may be a little too cheesy.  But cheesy is occasionally (okay, very often) my thing so I guess it’s no surprise that this uptempo slice of pop rock is right up my alley.  I hope it does well for them.

Check out “Best Song Ever” via YouTube above.  Do you think the boys have a hit on their hands?

New Music: Neon Jungle – “Trouble”


When you’ve got a killer hook, the verses really don’t matter all that much.  Take Icona Pop’s inescapable summer smash “I Love It“: the verses are bordering on nonsensical, but everybody’s ready to jump up and down and chant along when the chorus hits.

British girl group Neon Jungle’s debut single “Trouble” is kinda like that.  Yes, there are verses where the girls say some things about partying and general mayhem, but what you’ll walk away from the song singing is, “I DON’T LOOK FOR TROUBLE, YEAH TROUBLE LOOKS FOR ME! HEY! HEY!”  Brilliant.

Check out the music video for “Trouble” below.  It is a three minute whirlwind of hair flipping, snarling for the camera, and aggressively sawing meat.  It is a perfect visual representation of the song.

New Music: Selena Gomez – “Sad Serenade” & “Save the Day”


Selena Gomez’s new album, “Stars Dance” doesn’t come out until July 23rd, but two songs from the project hit the net this week: “Sad Serenade” and the demo for upcoming album track “Save the Day.”

“Sad Serenade,” which didn’t make the final cut for “Stars Dance,” is cute, but it doesn’t fit with the more mature, sexy image that Selena has been trying (and mostly succeeding) to portray this era.  Check out “Sad Serenade” via YouTube above.

“Save the Day,” on the other hand, is a global smash waiting to happen.  The demo, sung by singer-songwriter Livvi Franc (of “Now I’m That Bitch” fame), is full of energy and hummable hooks.  It would be a strong follow-up to lead single “Come & Get It.” Check out the demo for “Save the Day” via YouTube below.

Music News: Lady Gaga announces “ARTPOP” release date


No, you’re not dreaming.  “ARTPOP,” the album Lady Gaga’s been babbling about for almost a year now, finally has a release date: November 11, 2013.  No, this isn’t a rumor.  Gaga made the announcement via her official Facebook page early Friday morning.

I have so many mixed emotions.  On the one hand, alright!  Lady Gaga’s back!  She always makes things interesting.  On the other hand, “ARTPOP” looks like yelling and it’s way too easy to call it, “FARTPOP”!  But in all seriousness, I really am conflicted.  Gaga’s been cooking up this album for a while now, working with big name EDM producers like Zedd and Madeon…but that sound is kind of on its way out, right?  She can’t be gone for 2 years and then come back with a bunch of loud, pounding dance beats like it’s still 2011, right?  RIGHT??

And another thing! Gaga’s also been working closely with producers DJ White Shadow and Fernando Garibay.  They produced the majority of “Born This Way,” and that’s cool, but NOBODY WANTS ANOTHER “BORN THIS WAY”!!!  Not even her most die-hard fans!

I don’t want just dance music, I want new sounds!  I want crazy hooks!  I want live instrumentation!  I want Gaga to push herself into something totally new.  She’s more than capable, but based on what we know about the album so far, I’m a little skeptical.  “ARTPOP’s” lead single drops on August 19th, so we won’t be kept in suspense about the album’s sound for too much longer.

Are you excited for “ARTPOP”?

New Music: Ellie Goulding – “Burn”


English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding has recorded a discarded Leona Lewis demo and it is amazing.  Co-written by OneRepublic front-man Ryan Tedder, “Burn” is an uplifting party track with a repetitive, punchy chorus that you’re guaranteed to be chanting for hours.  Clive Davis was a fool to let this one go – it could’ve been a (minor) hit for Leona, but I’m actually really happy it didn’t end up on her last album “Glassheart.”  Leona has some powerful pipes, but she sings with all the conviction of a tranquilized sloth.  “Burn” benefits greatly from Ellie’s unmistakeable breathy vocals.

Ellie’s second studio album “Halcyon” was just released last October – could she be gearing up for a re-release?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Stream “Burn” via Ellie’s official Soundcloud below.