Music News: Lady Gaga announces “ARTPOP” release date


No, you’re not dreaming.  “ARTPOP,” the album Lady Gaga’s been babbling about for almost a year now, finally has a release date: November 11, 2013.  No, this isn’t a rumor.  Gaga made the announcement via her official Facebook page early Friday morning.

I have so many mixed emotions.  On the one hand, alright!  Lady Gaga’s back!  She always makes things interesting.  On the other hand, “ARTPOP” looks like yelling and it’s way too easy to call it, “FARTPOP”!  But in all seriousness, I really am conflicted.  Gaga’s been cooking up this album for a while now, working with big name EDM producers like Zedd and Madeon…but that sound is kind of on its way out, right?  She can’t be gone for 2 years and then come back with a bunch of loud, pounding dance beats like it’s still 2011, right?  RIGHT??

And another thing! Gaga’s also been working closely with producers DJ White Shadow and Fernando Garibay.  They produced the majority of “Born This Way,” and that’s cool, but NOBODY WANTS ANOTHER “BORN THIS WAY”!!!  Not even her most die-hard fans!

I don’t want just dance music, I want new sounds!  I want crazy hooks!  I want live instrumentation!  I want Gaga to push herself into something totally new.  She’s more than capable, but based on what we know about the album so far, I’m a little skeptical.  “ARTPOP’s” lead single drops on August 19th, so we won’t be kept in suspense about the album’s sound for too much longer.

Are you excited for “ARTPOP”?


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