New Music: One Direction – “Best Song Ever”


One Direction’s got a brand new track out called “Best Song Ever” to promote their upcoming 3D concert movie, “This is Us.”  The beginning kind of sounds like “Baba O’Riley,” but then you’re like, “WAIT, this isn’t The Who, this is another extremely catchy One Direction song, isn’t it?”  Yes, yes, it is – complete with a chorus of “oh, oh, oh’s” and “yeah, yeah, yeah’s.”  Oh, and there’s a fairly remarkable bit in the second verse about a girl’s dad being a dentist and having a dirty mouth.  Listen for it, you’ll see what I mean.

Co-written by singer-songwriter Ed Drewett (The Wanted’s “Glad You Came”), “Best Song Ever” is probably the best single One Direction’s released since “What Makes You Beautiful.”  It has a lot of personality.  I don’t know that it’ll do much on the radio in the UK or in the States – it may be a little too cheesy.  But cheesy is occasionally (okay, very often) my thing so I guess it’s no surprise that this uptempo slice of pop rock is right up my alley.  I hope it does well for them.

Check out “Best Song Ever” via YouTube above.  Do you think the boys have a hit on their hands?


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