Music News: Beyonce scraps new album?

Did Beyonce scrap her highly-anticipated 5th studio album?  The Hollywood Reporter seems to think so.  According to an article published recently by THR, Beyonce auditioned over 50 songs for her next studio album, but has decided to dump them all and start over from scratch.

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of the Beyhive collectively GASPING.  Although in reality, the news shouldn’t come as a total surprise.  Back in June, songwriter Ne-Yo told THR that Beyonce and her team were “still trying to figure out” a direction for the new album.  Earlier this month, producer Diplo revealed that the two songs he had worked on for the project had already been trashed.  Meanwhile, Beyonce hasn’t said a peep.

According to THR, record label Columbia was hoping for Bey to return during the fourth-quarter alongside pop superstars Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, but now a 2014 release is looking much more likely.  True to form, Beyonce’s team is playing dumb in an attempt to save face, telling THR that “there was never an album release date” in mind.  But we know better.  Do they honestly expect us to believe that Beyonce inked a multimillion dollar deal with Pepsi, booked the Super Bowl, planned a WORLD tour, and had two new songs ready to go (“Grown Woman” and “Standing on the Sun”), and there wasn’t even a TENTATIVE album release date in mind?  I don’t buy it.  Clearly there’s been some sort of massive delay, but why?  We can only guess.

Maybe she’s scared of failure.  As you may recall, Beyonce’s last studio album “4” was a critical success but a commercial flop (at least by her standards).  It was her first album since firing father Matthew Knowles as her manager and it failed to produce a massive pop hit like “Single Ladies.”  Is Beyonce in desperate need of some guidance?  It certainly seems like it.

There’s a lot to be said for an artist who refuses to compromise the quality of her work in order to please a record label – if Bey doesn’t feel ready to release a new album, I guess I’d rather that she didn’t.  But if that’s the case, TALK TO YOUR FANS!  Be honest with them, let them know what’s going on!  Silence only leads to rumors and bad feelings.  I mean, two full songs have leaked online and Beyonce still hasn’t said a thing about a new album or new music.  That just doesn’t make any sense.  Communicate with your fans.  Don’t forget that they’re the ones who are buying your records.

Beyoncé durante um show no Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa,” © José Goulão, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License


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