Music News: Is “Roar” the name of Katy Perry’s new single?


Rumor has it the lead single from Katy Perry’s upcoming “Prism” album is called “Roar.”  Pop music website Idolator reported on Tuesday afternoon that “well-placed sources within the industry” had leaked the title, though there’s still no official word from Katy or her label.

I hope the rumor is true because I love “Roar.”  It’s strong and confident, but still playful – perfect for Katy’s big comeback.  So here’s what we know so far: Bonnie McKee sat down with Idolator earlier this week and revealed that she’s co-written Katy’s lead single – woo hoo!  In a recently televised interview with Good Morning America, Katy described “Prism” as a more “mature version version of Teenage Dream.”  And Katy’s stylist and friend Johnny Wujek told InStyle magazine on Wednesday to “forget about the candy” when it comes to Katy’s new era, because she’s “grown up.”  It all sounds very promising indeed.

“Teenage Dream” had one of the most memorable and successful campaigns in pop music history.  Each single had its own unique visual style and sound and Katy moved between them effortlessly.  But after 3 years of candy, colorful wigs, and over-the-top costumes, it’s time to move on.  It’s time for Katy to evolve her sound while still maintaining the pop charm that’s made her so popular in the first place.  And it seems like that’s exactly the direction she’s moving in with “Prism.”

Katy and her team have been pretty tight-lipped ever since her golden semi hit the streets of LA.  I get the feeling that they’re preparing for something big.  Hopefully we’ll have an official single announcement before the week is through!


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