Music News: Lady Gaga reveals “Applause” single cover


Gaga’s playing the role of a killer mime who appears in your bathroom mirror when you shut off the lights and chant its name 3 times in the official artwork for her new single, “Applause.”  You’ve gotta hand it to Gags.  When I first saw the image, I BURST out laughing.  I doubt that’s the reaction she was going for, but hey, it’s certainly more interesting than your typical glamour shot.

We’ve come to expect the unexpected from Gaga.  Just when we thought we had the imagery for her whole “Born This Way” era figured out (horns, giant eggs, etc.), she gave us an album cover that featured her screaming head mounted on a mean looking motorcycle.  Now, for her big comeback single, she’s decided to pose as a killer mime.  In a brand new interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Gaga describes “Applause” as “very fun” and “full of happiness.”  This terrifying picture hardly fits those descriptions, but I guess I’ll have to wait until I hear the single on August 19th to pass final judgement.

What do you think of Gaga’s new single cover? Scary or horrifying?


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