Music News: Katy Perry releases more “Roar” teasers & new snippet


Katy Perry continues to shed her candy-coated image with two new teaser videos for her upcoming single “Roar.”  The first teaser finds Katy attending a funeral service for the famous peppermint dress that she wore on her California Dreams tour.  As the camera pans over the crowd of mourners, Katy tilts her sunglasses and gives us a knowing smirk (scandalizing the woman to her right).

The second teaser, released this morning, follows an innocent looking fluffy cat as it pounces on and devours a feathery bird toy, letting out a ferocious roar when it’s through (Katy’s fans are called “Katycats,” if you weren’t already aware).  But then the best part of the teaser happens – a five second song snippet!!  We don’t get to hear much, but apparently “Roar” will feature a massive, ultra catchy chorus of, “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh” ‘s.  Seriously, it’s stuck in my head already.  I was a little surprised by the song’s tempo – with a title like “Roar” I was expecting something a little peppier – but I will put my trust in Katy, Dr. Luke, and Max Martin.  I’m so hyped for this single I could spit.  Too bad we still have five days to wait!

Check out both of Katy’s new “Roar” teasers after the jump.


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