New Music: Lola Blanc – “Ooh La La” (Demo for Britney Spears)


After Britney Spears released her Smurf 2 soundtrack single “Ooh La La” back in July, co-writer Bonnie McKee revealed that she was brought in to the project after the song had already been written in order to make it more kid-friendly.  Well, the original version of “Ooh La La” has leaked online (sung by up-and-comer Lola Blanc), and it’s a totally different, totally inappropriate, trash-filled innuendo fest.  And I love it.

Britney’s version of “Ooh La La” is cute and polished, sure, but it’s also kind of bland.  As silly as this demo is, at least it has some personality!  I mean: “My body’s smokin’ hotter than a pink cigar, so come and take a puff I know you want some more!”  Pure poetry!

Check out Lola Blanc’s version of “Ooh La La” via SoundCloud below.  What do you think – better or worse than the final product?


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