New Music: Lady Gaga – “Venus”


The ARTPOPALYPSE is upon us!  With each passing day, we’re hearing more and more from Lady Gaga’s upcoming “ARTPOP” album.  Early yesterday morning, Gaga released previously planned second single “Venus” just a few hours before her first live performance of the song on X Factor UK.  And unfortunately, it’s a BIT of a mess.

Produced by Gaga herself, “Venus” suffers from plodding, nonsensical verses (which seem to be a trend for her this era – see “Aura“) and an over-long pre-chorus section that really drags.  When you do finally get to the song’s proper chorus – a soaring euro-pop confection – it’s this major eye-opening moment where you’re just like, “Damn.  The whole song could’ve been this awesome…but it’s not.”  It’s like Gaga’s hell-bent on churning out an album full of songs with insufferable verses and decent-to-amazing choruses.  Who told her that was a good idea?  Jimmy Iovine?

I’m perplexed.  It’s as if Gaga’s lost all of her pop sensibility.  Where are the ridiculously catchy hooks of “LoveGame”?  The infectious chants of “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”?  Hell, the unabashed exuberance of “Born This Way”??  All of that good stuff is sadly missing from Gaga’s “ARTPOP” material thus far.  Gaga has always seemed to be in control of her career creatively, and I have no doubt that this is the music she wants to be making – but I think she needs some guidance, some help to get out of her own head.  She’s traded in fresh, well-crafted pop songs for sloppy, self-indulgent flights of fancy, and I just don’t see listeners connecting with her music now in the same way that they have in the past.

One thing’s for sure, Gaga’s team definitely made the right choice picking “Do What U Want” over “Venus” for “ARTPOP’s” second single.

P.S. But can we TALK about the increasingly bizarre ways she says, “VENUS” throughout the song??  At one point, she just stops trying to pronounce the “v” altogether and dryly blurts out, “WEENUS,” which is hilarious and may be the most compelling reason to listen to this song.  Oh, and the artwork above is EDITED for modesty because this is not a bordello.  Okay, I’m done.  Listen to “Venus” below.


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