New Music: Bonnie McKee – “Sleepwalker”


Hit songwriter Bonnie McKee continues her quest to become the world’s next big pop star with the release of her spooky new “inbetwingle” (in between single), “Sleepwalker.”  You may remember first hearing about “Sleepwalker” way back in January, and although the song and accompanying zombie-filled music video have been in the works for quite some time, it’s actually not the official follow-up to this summer’s criminally underrated “American Girl.”  Instead, it’s just a fun Halloween-inspired track designed to tide fans over until Bonnie FINALLY releases her re-debut album sometime next year.

Produced by Bonnie’s boyfriend Oligee, Cory Enemy, and Boys Noize, “Sleepwalker” is a cracking electronic dance song about finally breaking free from the monotonous daily grind – that moment when you meet that one special person with the power to wake you up and suddenly life shifts from black and white to vibrant color in an instant.  Lyrically, Bonnie draws on some of her own dark personal experiences with substance abuse in order to paint a picture of someone who’s sleepwalking through life, all the while never losing sight of the tight pop hooks or the sly, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor she’s become so well-known for (“When I watched The Hills, I felt, I felt nothin’/I swallowed some pills, I felt, I felt nothin’ “).  True to form, “Sleepwalker” is another expertly crafted, endlessly catchy pop song from Bonnie, and the music video that finds Bonnie and actress Kelsey Chow fighting off a sea of zombie-infected party goers with hockey sticks (and sharing a steamy smooch in a closet!) is pretty entertaining, too.

Check out the “Sleepwalker” music video and official audio below!


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