New Music: Chelsea Lankes – “Ghost”


You know that ache you feel in your chest when you want something so badly but you know you can’t have it?  You’ve wanted it for so long, your heart and your body are convinced you need it to go on, even though in your head, you kinda know better?  That’s the struggle Nashville based singer Chelsea Lankes has tapped into on her phenomenal new single, “Ghost.”

“I just wanna know, if you aren’t for me, then why do I breathe so slow?  Every time you go, I drop to my knees, I can’t even breathe, so…is it real or should I go?”

Chelsea’s delicate, digitally-kissed vocals simply float over the track’s beautifully layered synth pop production – the effect is both heartbreaking and hypnotizing.  There’s a profound sadness present in “Ghost,” yes, but there’s also a hint of hope.  When the song’s stunning chorus is in full bloom, you get the sense that Chelsea may finally be able to break the cycle and move on from an unattainable love.  Or maybe I’m just being optimistic.  Either way, “Ghost” is a revelation.

“Ghost” is lifted from Chelsea’s upcoming EP, “Lucid,” due out in February.  Stream the song via Chelsea’s official Soundcloud below.  Also, check out a special acoustic version of the track via YouTube.  If you like what you hear, please consider buying “Ghost” on iTunes.  It’s only $0.99 – that’s practically free!


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