Music News: Katy Perry previews lavish “Unconditionally” music video


Katy Perry unveiled a dramatic preview of the music video for “PRISM’s” second single, “Unconditionally” this afternoon, and hold on to your butts ’cause it looks MASSIVE.  This video has everything: fancy dresses, ballroom dancing, too much rouge, a drunk old lady taking a time-out on a chaise longue, and a GIANT ass owl.  Katy revealed at her “We Can Survive” Breast Cancer Fundraiser show in LA last month that the “Unconditionally” music video was inspired by the films Dangerous Liaisons and Anna Karenina (the new one with Keira Knightley).  Intriguing!

When the stunning single artwork for “Unconditionally” was released a few weeks ago, rumors started swirling that the music video may have also been inspired by the suicide of Evelyn McHale – a 23-year-old woman who jumped to her death from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in 1947.  Eerily referred to as, “The Most Beautiful Suicide,” a photography student who just happened to be passing by at the time snapped this haunting photo of Evelyn’s body moments after it landed on top of a limousine.  Spooky!

So while it’s tough to say from the preview what exactly the “Unconditionally” music video will be about, I think it’s pretty clear that it will contain a whooole lotta melodrama and intrigue, and probably a couple of star crossed lovers.  Sign me up!  The “Unconditionally” music video is set to premiere on November 19th on MTV at the oddly precise time of 7:53 PM EST.  Check out the preview above and a few stills from the video after the jump!

unconditionally1 unconditionally2 unconditionally3 unconditionally4 unconditionally5 unconditionally6 unconditionally7


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