New Music: Britney Spears – “Alien”: Listen to the new William Orbit-produced leak


Another day, another new Britney Spears leak.  Early this morning, Britney’s William Orbit collaboration, “Alien” made its way online, and it’s…fine.  William Orbit is perhaps best known for his work on Madonna’s critically-acclaimed album, “Ray of Light.”  Fans have been clamoring for Britney to work with Orbit for years now, but I’m not so sure this is the song they were waiting for.  It’s just kind of…there.

The lyric, “I tried, but I never figured it out, why I always felt like a stranger in a crowd,” is an interesting insight into Britney’s feelings about mega-stardom, and I do like the Italo-disco, Eiffel 65 vibe on the repetitive chorus – otherwise, the song is kind of unremarkable.  Soon after “Alien” leaked, William Orbit tweeted that what we’re hearing is the “wrong version” of the song, and that the final track has some different notes in the chorus.  I can’t see a few different notes changing the way I feel about the song as a whole, but we’ll see.  Perhaps it will grow on me.

UPDATE:  “Alien” has been removed from pretty much every website I can think of.  Instead, check out the “Britney Jean” album sampler via Soundcloud below!


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