New Music: Peter Thomas – “All of You (feat. Betty Who)”


It’s been a big year for Australian pop singer Betty Who (real name: Jessica Anne Newham).  In April, Betty released her fantastic debut EP, “The Movement,” which caused quite a stir in the music blogosphere.  In September, the EP’s lead single, “Somebody Loves You,” went viral thanks to this adorable flash mob proposal video, and just a few days later, Betty signed a recording contract with RCA Records!  Whew.  So while Betty’s hard at work on her major label debut (due out sometime next year), this afternoon, her partner-in-crime Peter Thomas (who produced the entire “The Movement” EP), released, “All of You,” another one of the pair’s trademark feel-good dance pop collaborations.  And it’s an absolute must-listen.

“Wind me up tight, convertible nights with you…”

“All of You” is just further proof that Peter Thomas and Betty Who are unstoppable together.  The endless hooks!  Betty’s rich, powerful vocals!  The way that the chorus comes zooming back in at 1,000% power after the bridge!  It all recalls Katy Perry’s wistful pop stomper, “Teenage Dream,” and if you know me, you KNOW that I think “Teenage Dream” is one of the best pop songs released in the last decade, so that’s quite a compliment!  Both songs share the same remarkable sense of longing and nostalgia – it’s wonderful.  I’ve had “All of You” on repeat all night.  It’s so infectious, I just can’t help myself!

I’m so excited for Betty Who’s first LP, I could spit.  Hopefully we get to hear more work from the incredibly talented Peter Thomas soon as well!  Check out “All of You” via Peter Thomas’s official Soundcloud below.


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