Video: Taylor Swift – “22”

Taylor Swift premiered the video for her next smash hit, “22” this morning.

In keeping with the rest of the “Red” era, she has decided to wear that damn black hat again. Looking like the old man from Poltergeist, I swear. Continue reading


Music News: Glee covers Marina and the Diamonds!

Marina and the Diamonds' "How to be a Heartbreaker" streaming free

And it would be a real dream come true if Glee were still relevant.

Remember how on a Tuesday night Glee used to DEMOLISH the iTunes charts?  How around 9:00pm, every single Glee cover would just skyrocket into the iTunes top 10, usually dragging the corresponding original songs along for the ride (at least part of the way)?  Hell, Glee helped bring fun.’s “We Are Young” and Cee Lo’s “F*** You” into the public consciousness.  Wouldn’t it be swell if Marina could enjoy the same fate? Continue reading

New Music: Selena Gomez – “Rule the World”

A new Selena Gomez song titled, “Rule the World” leaked on Twitter this evening.  It’s a pretty straight-forward dance number with pounding drums and Coldplay-esque synths .  It sounds like another Rock Mafia production to me (“Naturally,” “Love You Like a Love Song”), but not much is known about the song at this point.  I would like it more if those big-build ups actually built up to something, but it’s OK.

Stream “Rule the World” above and let me know what you think in the comments!



“Okay, so first you’re going to do a half-time show with over 100 million people watching comprised of nothing but your oldest, crustiest material.  THEN, you’re going to do an exclusive interview with Oprah and air your highly anticipated documentary, “By Beyonce about Beyonce for Beyonce,” on HBO for the very first time.  NEXT, you’re going to announce a world tour starting in April without giving any indication of what the hell you might actually be performing on said world tour.  THEN, and ONLY THEN, will you finally be ready……to go into hiding for several months and not say a damn thing about new music.  Soon you will be on tour performing, “Bug a Boo,” with Kelly Rowland and special guest granny Michelle, far too busy to promote a new single much less a new album.  No, we have not wasted any promotional opportunities.” – Bey’s team

i'm comin i'm comin

“Beyonce Knowles,” © 2006 Zabatika, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 Generic License

Music News: Jessica Sanchez’s lead single hits the net

Music News: Jessica Sanchez's new single hits the net

Clean out your ears and put on your headphones – American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez’s lead single has leaked in horrible quality!  For reasons unexplained, Interscope uploaded the track to their official Soundcloud on Tuesday last week, only to take it down a few hours later.  But thankfully, some clever internet-er was able to record the song with an antique microphone from the 1880s and put it on YouTube! Continue reading

Music News: Katy working with Dr. Luke on new album

Music News: Katy Perry working with Dr. Luke

I TOLD YA’LL.  Despite rumors in November 2011 that Dr. Luke would no longer be able to work with Katy Perry after inking a new deal with Sony, frequent Luke & Perry collaborator (and all around pop music genius) Bonnie McKee let this slip during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her own upcoming album:

“Max Martin, Dr. Luke & I are going to get together in the next few weeks and get some songs going.  And also Katy Perry’s record is coming up too so we’re probably going to be working on that as well.” Continue reading

welcome to hands up!

It wasn’t until I was sitting in my car listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” for the 80th time in a week that I realized I was in love with pop music.  Trust me, I was as surprised as you are.

Was it the summery guitar riffs that open the song?  The sultry way Nicki coos “RedOne” in the intro?  Or was it the massive, rave-your-face-off chorus that commands us to put our “hands up and touch the sky”?  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep this stupid smile off my face every time I heard the song.  It made me feel like I could run an Iron Man and achieve my dreams (quit my job and spend the rest of my days baking on a beach in Aruba).

All of this was coming from a simple pop song about drinking and dancing.  Huh.  The fact is, I don’t drink much and I only really dance when I’ve been over served at a wedding, but it was at that moment that it dawned on me: there is something special about pop music that both excites and unites us.  It doesn’t matter what we’re like in our real lives, at some point, we are all dancing and singing along to the music in our cars or at our desks at work – collectively “putting our hands up” and forgetting about the details of the day.  And that’s awesome.  And that is when I realized I was in love with pop music.

So welcome to hands up! A pop music blog dedicated to the songs I love and whatever else happens to catch my eye.  Thanks for reading and I promise I’ll only get sentimental like once or twice a week.