Top 10 songs of 2013!


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Music News: Ryan Tedder says new Beyonce song is “better” than “Halo”


The Beyonce rumor mill is in full swing again after OneRepublic front-man Ryan Tedder recently spilled during an Australian radio interview that he’s done a song with The-Dream (“Single Ladies”) for Bey’s new album that is both “bigger” and “better” than his Grammy Award winning track, “Halo.”  That’s a pretty bold claim, but I guess we’ll have to take his word for it, as he also stated that he has no idea what’s going on with the album or when we might finally get to hear new music.

It’s hard to get excited about this news.  For all we know, Ryan and The-Dream merely pitched this song to Bey’s people, we have no idea if she’s actually recorded it.  Something tells me that a decade from now, when Beyonce’s album is finally released, the demo for this supposedly “bigger” and “better” track will be collecting dust in a studio waste bin somewhere.  That is, until Leona Lewis gallops along and scoops it up.

No word yet on new music from Beyonce, but she’s been very busy lately, what with her ongoing The Mrs. Carter Show world tour and countless video shoots for music we’ll probably never get to hear.  It must be tough being the world’s biggest, mostly silent pop star.

Check out Ryan Tedder’s interview via Idolator.

Music News: Beyonce scraps new album?

Did Beyonce scrap her highly-anticipated 5th studio album?  The Hollywood Reporter seems to think so.  According to an article published recently by THR, Beyonce auditioned over 50 songs for her next studio album, but has decided to dump them all and start over from scratch. Continue reading

Music News: Beyonce peforms “Standing on the Sun” in Antwerp


Surprise!  Beyonce performed her new song, “Standing on the Sun” live for the first time at her tour stop in Antwerp today.  As you may remember, part of “Standing on the Sun” is featured in Beyonce’s commercial for clothing retailer H&M.

Here’s what we now know: the song is gorgeous, it features a male rapper (Bey spits a verse on her own at the 2:15 mark), and there’s a dance break a la “Baby Boy.”  Basically, this song has all the makings of a summer hit…

…if it’s ever released.

Music News: Beyonce previews new song “Standing on the Sun” for H&M


I’ll spare you the rant – Beyonce is a mess, this era is a mess, where is her management, re-hire Daddy Knowles.  Okay, I’m done.

Early this morning, Beyonce’s commercial for retailer H&M hit the web featuring a brand new song called, “Standing on the Sun.”  Popjustice reports that the track is written by Sia and produced by Greg Kurstin.  The song is light and summery – I like it, but I think I like “Grown Woman” better.

Naturally, Beyonce looks absolutely incredible rolling around in the sand in a barely-there bikini, I just wish she would put out a press release or something to clear up all this mess!  Will “Standing on the Sun” end up on Bey’s new album?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Stream Beyonce’s new H&M commercial via YouTube above and let me know what you think of “Standing on the Sun” in the comments!

Music News: Beyonce performs “Grown Woman” on tour


Beyonce performed the elusive “Grown Woman” at her tour stop in Paris today, and it seals the deal: this song has the potential to be a MASSIVE hit…if she ever decides to release it!  It has an incredibly infectious beat and most importantly, it’s QUOTABLE!  Now that, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!” has been added to lexicon of moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas everywhere, it is HIGH TIME for a new Beyonce catch phrase to sweep the nation!  “I’m a grooown woman, I can do whatEVER I want!” could BE that catch phrase!

While it IS exciting that Bey is finally performing new music on her tour, it’s still unknown just what exactly “Grown Woman” is.  Is it a promo single? Lead single? Or just some random album track?  And why didn’t she perform it at any of her previous shows?  So many questions, so few answers!  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Bey’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow (who seems to talk about Beyonce’s music more than Beyonce does these days) mentioned in a recent interview with Digital Spy that Beyonce’s new album is coming…SOON!  So, you know, there’s that. Sigh.

Stream Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” performance via YouTube above.  What do you think – is it a hit?

Video: Angie Miller slays “Halo” live on American Idol

I’ve re-committed myself to American Idol this season in a big way.  I haven’t missed a single episode.  I’ll admit, I had some serious doubts at the outset of the season that a girl could ever win the competition again (I was half-expecting the adorable but horrible Lazaro Arbos to take it all the way), but the producers pushed their pro-girl agenda hard enough and here we are, with 5 (err, 4, sorry Janelle Arthur) insanely talented girls left standing.

Out of the remaining contestants, Angie Miller is my favorite.  She doesn’t have the strongest voice (that title belongs to either Candice Glover or Kree Harrison), but there is a beautiful clarity to her vocals that I just can’t get enough of.  Plus, she seems like a total sweetheart and I love her big bug eyes.  Last night, the girls were asked to select a “diva” song for their second performance of the evening and Angie chose Beyonce’s now iconic ballad, “Halo.”  It was a bold move that paid off in spades as she effortlessly maneuvered through all of the song’s big emotional belts and tricky falsetto runs.  She brought the house down near the end with some passionate ad-libbing which truly (wait for it) made the song her own.  I would buy Angie’s debut album in a heartbeat.  I truly think she has the most commercial voice left in the competition.

So the big question is: will Angie make it to the finale?  It’s hard to say.  At this point, Candice and Kree seem to be the favorites (while America continues to pay Amber Holcomb dust despite her impressive vocal range), but if Angie keeps turning in powerhouse performances like last night, I think she could be a surprise entry into the final two.  Check out Angie’s stellar performance of “Halo” above and let me know what you think in the comments!

Does Beyonce have amnesia?

Does Beyonce have amnesia?

Did she fall off a horse and hit her head?  Forget how to release music?  Build hype??

As you’ve probably realized, last week’s Pepsi commercial did NOT lead to the release of Bey’s new song “Grown Woman.”  Mere seconds after Billboard reported that the track would be released to iTunes on Monday morning, they retracted their statement and over a week later, the song is STILL M.I.A.!  What gives, Bernice?  Why are you so hell bent on ruining your own career?  Just WHAT is the hold up??

Some insiders have reported that the song will be released to iTunes and radio eventually, but it’s not really the lead single.  Other sources have said that the track could become the lead single, but it all depends on the public’s response.  What a mess.  Pick a song and release it.  If you don’t know what a hit sounds like anymore Bernard, you need to hire your father’s corrupt ass back as your manager because this is too much for you.

“The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” starts on Monday.  In my mind, she has until then to turn things around.  But if she gets up on that stage in a sequined jumper and just launches into “Baby Boy” like nothing ever happened…I don’t even know.

Beyoncé_2012” © 2012 Hollywood Branded, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License

Music News: New Bey is here…sort of


Beyonce’s new single sort of premiered this morning in the form of that Pepsi spot we’ve been hearing about for what seems like decades now.  Practicing by herself in front of some mirrors in a dark, creepy studio (I Know What You Did Last summer alert!), Bey starts having a dance-off…with Bey!.  A bunch of different Beys, actually.  There’s Bootylicious Bey, Crazy In Love Bey, Single Ladies Bey, and a whole lot of other Beys who aren’t important enough to mention here.  Her new song “Grown Woman” (like I said!) plays in the background, and it sounds really, really good.  The beat isn’t exactly my thing, but the verses are very hook-y and it seems like they’re building up to something pretty explosive (naturally the commercial cuts off before we get to hear the chorus).

I think “Grown Woman” will hit iTunes on Monday (gotta have that full week of sales), but I’m hoping we’ll get to hear the whole thing before then.  Trollonce has just done too much to her public these past few months and I think she owes us.

What do you think of “Grown Woman”?

Music News: Beyawnka finally gets off her duff


Stop the presses: it looks like Bey is FINALLY going to have some new music to go along with that overblown world tour of hers.  Today, CapitalFM announced that Beyonce will be premiering a brand new song tomorrow morning at 9am EST (4/4, get it?).  The message was accompanied by the above blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teaser vid which features that damn Sasha Fierce glove and a tiny bit of an instrumental.

Oh and did you catch that beatboxing in the background?  Guess whose crusty ass decided to show up to the party?  TIMBALAND.  This is great, just great.  I give Bey a lot of s—, but I am looking forward to her comeback and I do not want to see her serve up another “Run the World” sized clunker.  Unfortunately, Timbaland’s involvement doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Reportedly, the Timbaland produced track is called “Grown Woman.”  Check out the rumored lyrics after the jump. Continue reading