Top 10 songs of 2013!


My personal top 10 songs of 2013 are listed after the jump!  Get into it. Continue reading


Music News: Glee’s Lea Michele announces lead single “Cannonball”


I’ll waste no time – here’s what you need to know:

  1. Lea Michele’s debut studio album is called, “Louder.”
  2. “Cannonball,” the lead single from “Louder,” is out on iTunes on December 10th, the same day the album goes up for pre-order.
  3. “Cannonball” was written by Sia Furler.  This is big stuff.
  4. The album will include a tribute song to late boyfriend Corey Monteith and maybe some collaborations with Bonnie McKee.
  5. “I came in like a caaaaaaaaannonballllllllllll…”

I lost track of Glee during season 3, but Lea has some killer pipes, so I’m anxious to hear what she’s come up with in the studio!

New Music: Bonnie McKee – “Sleepwalker”


Hit songwriter Bonnie McKee continues her quest to become the world’s next big pop star with the release of her spooky new “inbetwingle” (in between single), “Sleepwalker.”  You may remember first hearing about “Sleepwalker” way back in January, and although the song and accompanying zombie-filled music video have been in the works for quite some time, it’s actually not the official follow-up to this summer’s criminally underrated “American Girl.”  Instead, it’s just a fun Halloween-inspired track designed to tide fans over until Bonnie FINALLY releases her re-debut album sometime next year. Continue reading

New Music: Lola Blanc – “Ooh La La” (Demo for Britney Spears)


After Britney Spears released her Smurf 2 soundtrack single “Ooh La La” back in July, co-writer Bonnie McKee revealed that she was brought in to the project after the song had already been written in order to make it more kid-friendly.  Well, the original version of “Ooh La La” has leaked online (sung by up-and-comer Lola Blanc), and it’s a totally different, totally inappropriate, trash-filled innuendo fest.  And I love it. Continue reading

New Music: Katy Perry – “Birthday”


Okay, so I promise that I’m not going to post EVERY song from Katy Perry’s new “PRISM” album (my full album review is coming soon), but this one’s just too good to pass up.  In an album made up of predominately thoughtful and reflective mid-tempo pop songs, “Birthday” stands out like…well, like Katy Perry in her birthday suit! Continue reading

The song of the summer is here!

It took until nearly the end of June, but the song of summer 2013 is FINALLY here: Bonnie McKee’s, “American Girl.”  Yeah, I know I’ve gushed about Bonnie’s live rendition of “American Girl” already, but the studio version, which premiered today via the above celebrity filled Youtube video, is truly something special.  It’s pure pop, but it’s disco.  It’s Blondie, but it’s also incredibly current.  There’s even shades of Katy and Ke$ha.  Bonnie may have crafted the perfect pop song.

“I’m describing my own coming of age as a teenage girl in America, and how the whole world was open to me and I could be anything,” Bonnie said of the song in an interview with KIIS FM on Monday.  And “American Girl” is so full of that teenage energy and joy, you just can’t help but sing along.  And that’s really the whole point of pop music – uniting listeners and inspiring them to sing with you.  Of course, it helps that Bonnie is one of the most talented hook writers in the business – the entire song was expertly designed to get stuck in your head.

So what about the song’s chart and radio potential?  Just look at who Bonnie recruited for the promo video – Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Kathy Griffin, Macklemore, Joan Rivers, Jewel, Jason DeRulo, George Takei, Jane Lynch, Carly Rae Jepsen, Adam Lambert, and Jenny McCarthy – just to name a few!  Bonnie’s years of songwriting for the pop elite have helped her to gain a ton of industry support.  I think there’s a good chance this video could go viral, hopefully igniting the public’s interest in Bonnie and the song.  “American Girl” just needs the right opportunity and I really think it could be a smash hit.

“American Girl” is currently available for free download via Bonnie’s official website.  Get it while you can, and tell your friends!!  I just love this girl.


Music News: Bonnie McKee confirms new single “American Girl”


Bonnie McKee was trying to be all cute and mysterious about her upcoming lead single, promising to drop “clues” about the song via her Twitter.  But what she failed to realize is that her live performance of the track already made its way online 2 weeks ago.  And then Dr. Luke blew her cover completely by tweeting his congratulations to Bonnie for “making ‘American Girl’ such an amazing song !!!!”

So “American Girl,” the song which Bonnie performed live at The Hotel Cafe, is indeed the lead single from her still untitled second studio album.  And that’s fantastic news.  It seems that despite her blown cover, Bonnie’s still going forward with the clue game (so far she’s posted pictures of a 7/11 sign, a slurpee, and a vending machine), but she’s yet to give us a release date.  In the above interview at the BMI Awards (she won 3!), Bonnie confirms that the single is coming in June, so hopefully it won’t be long now!

Music News: Bonnie McKee debuts amazing new music

Bonnie McKee surprised the crowd at LA’s The Hotel Cafe this week by premiering some new music, and it’s f—ing  awesome.  No seriously, it’s amazing.  The song, which may or may not be her new single and may or may not be titled “American Girl,” is an infectious, piano-driven uptempo that combines Bonnie’s signature singer-songwriter style with the pure pop hooks that have made her famous.  I’m so excited I could puke.  Everything about this performance is perfect, including the banshee shriek Bonnie lets loose near the end of the song.  In less than four minutes, she effortlessly makes every other girl in the game look like a dumpy, no-talent donkey.  And as if that weren’t enough, she also treated the crowd to a medley of her chart-topping hits, which, naturally, she totally slayed.

Still no sign of a song called “Sleepwalker” which Bonnie teased back in January, but she recently tweeted that she was in the studio putting the last minute finishing touches on her first single, so let’s hope new music is coming soon.  And not pop star soon, actual soon.  Because I need it.  And I can’t shake this feeling that Bonnie is about to become the next big thing.

Music News: Katy Perry writes new song “Double Rainbow”

Music News: Katy Perry writes new song "Double Rainbow"

According to Billboard, Katy Perry told an audience at ASCAP’s I Create Music Expo yesterday that she has written a new song called “Double Rainbow” for her upcoming third studio album.  Apparently, Bonnie McKee came straight to the studio after a yoga session and told Katy that she felt like writing a song called “Double Rainbow.”  And so they did.  Amazing.

Katy also confirmed that she’s working closely with Max Martin and Dr. Luke on the album, as well as with Bonnie McKee, Greg Kurstin, Greg Wells, and, of course, Sia.  Unfortunately, she’s only “halfway” through the recording process and doesn’t really feel pressure to finish anytime soon.  Bummer, I was hoping for a summer single!  Looks like a 4th quarter release is much more likely at this point.  Let’s hope that the Icona Pop collaboration rumor turns out to be true!  And of course, there’s always the possibility that Katy will be featured on Bonnie McKee’s new album…

I need new Katy and I don’t care who knows it!


Katy_Perry_3,_2012,” © 2012 Eva Rinaldi, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License

Music News: Britney to release new single “Ooh La La”

Music News: Britney to release new song, "Ooh La La"

…for the “The Smurfs 2” soundtrack.  Let that sink in.  Okay.  The LA Times reports that even though “Ooh La La” will just be played over the end credits of the animated film, Spears has still enlisted the help of pop heavyweights Dr. Luke, Ammo, and Bonnie McKee.  “The Smurfs 2” hits theaters on July 31st, so presumably the song will be out sometime shortly before then.  I’m not quite sure why RCA decided to spill the beans on the track now, but okay.

On the one hand, it’s new Britney.  On the other hand, it’s for “The Smurfs 2.”  On the third hand, does this mean we have to wait until fall to hear the lead single from Album #8?  That’s not exactly what I had in mind.  Now I’m sad.  But I guess I have “Ooh La La” to look forward to?  In JULY??

Never mind, now I’m MAD.  I’m going to need these pop girls to start acting right and release new music because one cannot survive on Avril Lavigne scraps alone!!

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