New Music: Tove Lo – ‘Truth Serum’ EP


If 2010’s “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn is still your go-to tears-on-the-dance-floor anthem, you’ll definitely want to give newcomer Tove Lo a try.  Lo, a pop singer from Stockholm, Sweden, made a big splash online last year with her quirky break-up song, “Habits.”  Since then, she’s gone on to pen tracks for Swedish dance-pop duo Icona Pop (of “I Love It” fame) and even Glee’s Lea Michele.  Signed to Universal Music AB, Lo released her first EP titled Truth Serum on March 3 — an impressive collection of explosive, emotional pop songs that prove she’s one to watch out for.  If Robyn’s absence from the music scene has left a big Swedish-pop shaped hole in your heart (I swear, she better be coming back with new music soon), give Truth Serum a listen!  You won’t be disappointed.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Lo’s music ends up on a show like HBO’s Girls in the near future!

The Truth Serum EP is all about emotional extremes — the super highs and the super lows.  On the EP’s opening track, “Not On Drugs,” Lo swears up and down that her euphoric state is not due to drug use, no, she’s “just in love.”  Um, where can I get some of that?  The drug metaphor is echoed on the aforementioned “Habits,” only this time, Lo is struggling to find ways to “stay high” in order to forget about a former lover.  On “Paradise,” Lo sings about a relationship so perfect that it can only be described as, well, “paradise.”  But on the EP’s second-to-last song, “Out of Mind,” Lo’s down and out again, lamenting, “You’re out of your mind to think that I can keep you out of mine.”  Wow.  It’s a serious emotional roller coaster!  Lo’s unique vocal tone and her talent for writing catchy hooks and shocking lines that pack a surprisingly hefty emotional punch make Truth Serum a truly thrilling listening experience.

Get a taste of Tove Lo’s sound on her official SoundcloudTruth Serum is available on iTunes now!  The EP is also streaming on Spotify.


New Music: Icona Pop – “All Night”


I get the feeling that Icona Pop’s label wasn’t exactly sure how to follow-up the duo’s surprise hit, “I Love It.”  At the beginning of June, the pair quietly released the Stargate produced “Girlfriend” as the lead single from their forthcoming official debut album, “This Is…Icona Pop,” which was a cute but lackluster effort at best.  Then, last week, they were scheduled to release a song called “Just Another Night,” but at the last minute the release was pushed back and the song was changed to “All Night.”  The pre-order for “This Is…Icona Pop,” which is scheduled to be released on September 24th, has mysteriously been pushed back as well. Continue reading

New Music: Neon Jungle – “Trouble”


When you’ve got a killer hook, the verses really don’t matter all that much.  Take Icona Pop’s inescapable summer smash “I Love It“: the verses are bordering on nonsensical, but everybody’s ready to jump up and down and chant along when the chorus hits.

British girl group Neon Jungle’s debut single “Trouble” is kinda like that.  Yes, there are verses where the girls say some things about partying and general mayhem, but what you’ll walk away from the song singing is, “I DON’T LOOK FOR TROUBLE, YEAH TROUBLE LOOKS FOR ME! HEY! HEY!”  Brilliant.

Check out the music video for “Trouble” below.  It is a three minute whirlwind of hair flipping, snarling for the camera, and aggressively sawing meat.  It is a perfect visual representation of the song.

New Music: Icona Pop – “Girlfriend”


Okay, so there’s a new Icona Pop song out, and it’s kinda cute and it’s kinda fun, but it’s also kinda boring.  But don’t fret!  It’s not their new U.S. single.  According to Billboard, “Girlfriend,” which randomly bites its chorus from Tupac’s 1996 song “Me and My Girlfriend,” is “just a single for Europe and other international areas.”  You see, “I Love It,” which is currently smashing in the U.S., was released in Europe last summer, so it’s rather old hat now and Europeans needed something new.

This is good for two reasons: firstly, “Girlfriend” is repetitive and not nearly as charming as “I Love It” or many of the other songs from Icona Pop’s “Iconic” EP.  Secondly, the girls spilled at the Billboard Music Awards this month that they’ll have a new album out “before the end of the summer” which features production by Shellback, Stargate, and Benny Blanco (only further fueling those Katy Perry collaboration rumors).  We don’t want “Girlfriend,” we want the new stuff they were talking about!  And if they’re going to have a new album out before the end of the summer, we should be getting a new single any day now.  They’ve just got to wait for “I Love It” to slow down a little bit…

What do you think – is “Girlfriend” a good follow-up to “I Love It”?

Music News: Katy Perry writes new song “Double Rainbow”

Music News: Katy Perry writes new song "Double Rainbow"

According to Billboard, Katy Perry told an audience at ASCAP’s I Create Music Expo yesterday that she has written a new song called “Double Rainbow” for her upcoming third studio album.  Apparently, Bonnie McKee came straight to the studio after a yoga session and told Katy that she felt like writing a song called “Double Rainbow.”  And so they did.  Amazing.

Katy also confirmed that she’s working closely with Max Martin and Dr. Luke on the album, as well as with Bonnie McKee, Greg Kurstin, Greg Wells, and, of course, Sia.  Unfortunately, she’s only “halfway” through the recording process and doesn’t really feel pressure to finish anytime soon.  Bummer, I was hoping for a summer single!  Looks like a 4th quarter release is much more likely at this point.  Let’s hope that the Icona Pop collaboration rumor turns out to be true!  And of course, there’s always the possibility that Katy will be featured on Bonnie McKee’s new album…

I need new Katy and I don’t care who knows it!


Katy_Perry_3,_2012,” © 2012 Eva Rinaldi, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License

Music News: Katy Perry to feature on Icona Pop’s new single?

Music News: Katy Perry to feature on Icona Pop's new single?

There’s a rumor going around that Katy Perry will be featured on Icona Pop’s new single.  Icona Pop’s “I Love It” is just now starting to take off in the U.S., so it would be a strange move to confuse radio with a new single so soon, especially one with Katy’s name attached to it.  Does “new single” just mean a remix of “I Love It”?  Or is it truly a new song?  So many questions and no answers at this point, but obviously I’ll be following this rumor closely!

Katy Perry at the Premiere of the movie Part of Me in Sydney 2012” © 2012 Liam Mendes, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License