Top 10 songs of 2013!


My personal top 10 songs of 2013 are listed after the jump!  Get into it. Continue reading


New Music: LIZ – “Stop Me Cold”


When alt-pop princess LIZ sings, “I know I’ll love you good, I know I’ll love you right, I swear I’ll lay it down all through the motherf*****’ night,” over a rumbling bassline and breakbeats, you believe it.  That’s what makes LIZ so fantastic – her glossy 90’s R&B influenced sound isn’t a gimmick, it’s who she is.  Just listen to her casually drop phrases like “kickin’ it,” “act a fool,” and “booed up” and tell me I’m wrong!

LIZ is due to drop a new EP in December.  Stream “Stop Me Cold” via Soundcloud below, then ‘like’ LIZ on Facebook for a free download of the song!

New Music: LIZ – “XTC”


“Play me like your Xbox, it’s your call of duty, tear down these walls,” newcomer LIZ sings on her insanely addictive new single, “XTC.”  The song, which label Mad Decent describes as “tasteful post-ratchet lollipop,” combines the smooth R&B stylings of 90’s INOJ with bubblegum pop and trap.

“XTC” was released through Mad Decent’s new mini-imprint Jeffrees, which releases a free song from a new artist every Thursday via their official Tumblr.  Eventually, these free tracks are compiled and released together as an EP on iTunes.  LIZ’s other offering on the Jeffrees Vol. 7 EP, “Underdogs,” isn’t nearly as impressive, but if she can deliver more songs with the unique vibe of “XTC,” I’m in.

Download “XTC” on iTunes