Does Beyonce have amnesia?

Does Beyonce have amnesia?

Did she fall off a horse and hit her head?  Forget how to release music?  Build hype??

As you’ve probably realized, last week’s Pepsi commercial did NOT lead to the release of Bey’s new song “Grown Woman.”  Mere seconds after Billboard reported that the track would be released to iTunes on Monday morning, they retracted their statement and over a week later, the song is STILL M.I.A.!  What gives, Bernice?  Why are you so hell bent on ruining your own career?  Just WHAT is the hold up??

Some insiders have reported that the song will be released to iTunes and radio eventually, but it’s not really the lead single.  Other sources have said that the track could become the lead single, but it all depends on the public’s response.  What a mess.  Pick a song and release it.  If you don’t know what a hit sounds like anymore Bernard, you need to hire your father’s corrupt ass back as your manager because this is too much for you.

“The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” starts on Monday.  In my mind, she has until then to turn things around.  But if she gets up on that stage in a sequined jumper and just launches into “Baby Boy” like nothing ever happened…I don’t even know.

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