Music News: New Bey is here…sort of


Beyonce’s new single sort of premiered this morning in the form of that Pepsi spot we’ve been hearing about for what seems like decades now.  Practicing by herself in front of some mirrors in a dark, creepy studio (I Know What You Did Last summer alert!), Bey starts having a dance-off…with Bey!.  A bunch of different Beys, actually.  There’s Bootylicious Bey, Crazy In Love Bey, Single Ladies Bey, and a whole lot of other Beys who aren’t important enough to mention here.  Her new song “Grown Woman” (like I said!) plays in the background, and it sounds really, really good.  The beat isn’t exactly my thing, but the verses are very hook-y and it seems like they’re building up to something pretty explosive (naturally the commercial cuts off before we get to hear the chorus).

I think “Grown Woman” will hit iTunes on Monday (gotta have that full week of sales), but I’m hoping we’ll get to hear the whole thing before then.  Trollonce has just done too much to her public these past few months and I think she owes us.

What do you think of “Grown Woman”?