Demos That Did It Better


Thanks to hackers and YouTube, pop fans are now able to listen to a slew of unfinished demo material that was probably never meant for public consumption.  It’s great (for us…not the artists).  Sometimes, a demo ends up being way more awesome than the finished product.  Sometimes, a demo never sees the light of day and it’s a massive injustice!  Check out a list of some of my favorite demos and unreleased jams after the jump. Continue reading


New Music: Colbie Caillat – “Hold On”


Colbie Caillat is famous for a slew of pleasant adult contemporary hits that you find yourself humming along to while waiting in line at Target (“Bubbly,” “I Do,” “Lucky,” etc.), but her brand new single, “Hold On,” finds the beach pop songstress trying her hand at something quite different – and it pays off big time. Continue reading

Music News: Ryan Tedder says new Beyonce song is “better” than “Halo”


The Beyonce rumor mill is in full swing again after OneRepublic front-man Ryan Tedder recently spilled during an Australian radio interview that he’s done a song with The-Dream (“Single Ladies”) for Bey’s new album that is both “bigger” and “better” than his Grammy Award winning track, “Halo.”  That’s a pretty bold claim, but I guess we’ll have to take his word for it, as he also stated that he has no idea what’s going on with the album or when we might finally get to hear new music.

It’s hard to get excited about this news.  For all we know, Ryan and The-Dream merely pitched this song to Bey’s people, we have no idea if she’s actually recorded it.  Something tells me that a decade from now, when Beyonce’s album is finally released, the demo for this supposedly “bigger” and “better” track will be collecting dust in a studio waste bin somewhere.  That is, until Leona Lewis gallops along and scoops it up.

No word yet on new music from Beyonce, but she’s been very busy lately, what with her ongoing The Mrs. Carter Show world tour and countless video shoots for music we’ll probably never get to hear.  It must be tough being the world’s biggest, mostly silent pop star.

Check out Ryan Tedder’s interview via Idolator.