Music News: Beyonce scraps new album?

Did Beyonce scrap her highly-anticipated 5th studio album?  The Hollywood Reporter seems to think so.  According to an article published recently by THR, Beyonce auditioned over 50 songs for her next studio album, but has decided to dump them all and start over from scratch. Continue reading


Music News: Beyonce peforms “Standing on the Sun” in Antwerp


Surprise!  Beyonce performed her new song, “Standing on the Sun” live for the first time at her tour stop in Antwerp today.  As you may remember, part of “Standing on the Sun” is featured in Beyonce’s commercial for clothing retailer H&M.

Here’s what we now know: the song is gorgeous, it features a male rapper (Bey spits a verse on her own at the 2:15 mark), and there’s a dance break a la “Baby Boy.”  Basically, this song has all the makings of a summer hit…

…if it’s ever released.

Music News: Beyonce previews new song “Standing on the Sun” for H&M


I’ll spare you the rant – Beyonce is a mess, this era is a mess, where is her management, re-hire Daddy Knowles.  Okay, I’m done.

Early this morning, Beyonce’s commercial for retailer H&M hit the web featuring a brand new song called, “Standing on the Sun.”  Popjustice reports that the track is written by Sia and produced by Greg Kurstin.  The song is light and summery – I like it, but I think I like “Grown Woman” better.

Naturally, Beyonce looks absolutely incredible rolling around in the sand in a barely-there bikini, I just wish she would put out a press release or something to clear up all this mess!  Will “Standing on the Sun” end up on Bey’s new album?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Stream Beyonce’s new H&M commercial via YouTube above and let me know what you think of “Standing on the Sun” in the comments!